Scientific Advisory Board

The LaserNetUS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for was chartered in June, 2019 to recommend strategies to ensure the achievement of the scientific and facility goals, to attract users and develop user programs, keep LaserNETUS at the frontier of scientific discovery, and establish international leadership in research utilizing high-intensity lasers    

The SAB provides advice on:

  • The LaserNETUS facility access and capability development plans, including key priorities and milestones, consistent with the DOE-approved work scope,
  • Major new research thrusts to be proposed to federal sponsors, and
  • Adjustments to facility priorities, taking into account the mission of LaserNETUS and the overall directions of the U.S. and world programs.

The SAB will provide this advice to facility directors of LaserNETUS. The SAB will address key issues developed by the LaserNETUS Facility Directors and/or suggested by the SAB, and subsequently requested in writing by the LaserNETUS Facility Directors. 

The first SAB meeting has been scheduled for the first week in March.

Current SAB Membership:

Sean  Finnegan, Chair, Los  Alamos National Laboratory

Howard Milchberg, University of Maryland

Roger Falcone, University California Berkeley

Gennady Shvets, Cornell University

Ed Thomas, Auburn University          

Franklin Dollar, University of California Irvine – USER REP

Roberto Mancini, University of Nevada Reno

Juan Fernandez, Los Alamos National Lab.– USER REP

Linda Young, Argonne National Laboratory

Mark Palmer, Brookhaven National

Christine Hernandez-Gomez   RAL

Kazuo Tanaka, ELI-NP

Donna Strickland, University of Waterloo