Second LaserNetUS Community Meeting (postponed)

Please note that the original planned meeting time has been cancelled in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. A new meeting time will be determined once the situation is better understood.
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The Second LaserNetUS Meeting will bring together the user community and facility scientists to update users on the latest developments at the member facilities, highlight scientific results, and discuss future directions for the network. In its two years of existence, LaserNetUS has bolstered cooperation between its member labs and opened new avenues of high intensity optical research to the broader scientific community. Meeting attendees will have an opportunity to see the current state and trajectory of this young network and influence its future directions.

Our sponsors will display their exhibits throughout the duration of the workshop.


Gilliss Dyer, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Bob Cauble, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Thomas Schenkel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Important Dates: