LaserNetUS Virtual Town Hall


A Virtual LaserNetUS Town Hall was held at 8:30 am PDT on Monday July 29, 2019

A webcast Virtual Town Hall Meeting was held to better inform the users about the capabilities offered by each of the member labs before the upcoming LaserNetUS proposal deadline on August 30th. Representative staff will inform the community about the latest capabilities and be available for Q&A.


The webcast was broadcast via Zoom webinar.

  • Each presenter spoke for 10 minutes and had a few minute window for questions
  • Questions were submitted through the Zoom chat and read to presenters.
  • Additional Q&A time for all facilities will take place at the end of the town hall
  • Q&A were compiled in a document [still being edited for release]
Cycle 2 Virtual Town Hall Schedule
Time Topic
8:30 AM Greetings and proposal submission instructions
8:45 AM Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) Laser Facility
9:00 AM Laboratory for Laser Energetics: OMEGA EP
9:15 AM Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center
9:30 AM Center For High Energy Density Sceince: Texas Petawatt Laser
9:45 AM Jupiter Laser Facility
10:00 AM Scarlet Laser Facility
10:15 AM Extreme Light Laboratory
10:30 AM Center for Ultrafast Optical Sciences: HERCULES
10:45 AM Advanced Beam Laboratory


Recording of virtual town hall

We apologize that the video recording was cut off until after the beginning of the OMEGA EP presentation.



Webinar from SUSB; Tahoe Conference Room