2020 Fusion and Plasma Graduate School Day


Free and online, Saturday, September 26, 2020, 12-6 pm ET

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A graduate degree in plasma physics or fusion science and technology can lead to exciting careers in academia, national laboratories, and industry. The APS-DPP Fusion and Plasma Graduate School Day is an opportunity to learn about US graduate programs in plasma physics and the fusion sciences, learn about the application process, learn about fellowship opportunities for graduate students, and to network with other graduate students.

Want to know where you can study fusion and plasma science? Check out our list of institutions offering degrees.

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"Demystifying the grad school application process” Workshop

The day will start with the "Demystifying the grad school application process” workshop, led by Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez, PhD. This workshop will help prospective graduate school applicants navigate the application process and will include topics like: How to pick your grad school, dos and don'ts of writing your essays, the role of the GRE, among others. Vanessa is the Assistant Dean for Access, Diversity and Inclusion for the Natural Sciences and Engineering at the Graduate School at Princeton University.

2020 Fusion and Plasma Graduate School Day Flier