Accessing LaserNetUS Facilities

LaserNetUS is a consortium of high power laser facilities around the U.S. that have been funded by DOE FES to dedicate a fraction of their operational time to supporting user experiments awarded through LaserNetUS. There will be regular calls for proposals, with the first occurring on February 1, 2019. Up-to-date instructions for the most recent proposal call can be found on the Proposal Submissions tab, which links to the submissions portal.  You can also subscribe to the lasernetus-users mailing list to be kept up to date on calls for proposals and related information

Proposers are encouraged to contact the facility contacts listed prior to submitting a proposal in order to discuss specific experimental arrangements, needs, experimental setup, and potential need for support or collaboration. This contact is especially important for the first year call since there will be a short interval of only a few months after award to complete first year experiments.

Proposal submission requires registration of the spokesperson, a list of names for the experimental team, and preferred facilities for the experiment. This information will be forwarded to the peer review panel that will rank proposals and make recommendations for awarding beam time, at which point the proposals will be forwarded to the recommended facilities for feasibility review and scheduling. Alternative facilities within LaserNetUS may be assigned based on feasibility reviews.

Successful proposals that are accepted by a LaserNetUS facility will be coordinated between the spokesperson or P.I. for the experiment, and the host institution. They will agree on scheduling, experimental setup, and required resources. Each facility will have its own access requirements and required safety training. The on-boarding process are provided on the facility pages, along with facility contacts for further information.

Acknowledgement Text 

Publications published including research conducted through LaserNetUS awarded time should include facility acknowledgements as well as the following: "This work was supported by DOE Office of Science, Fusion Energy Sciences under Contract No. [LaserNetUS contract number from facility]: the LaserNetUS initiative at [Facility]. [Support from other agencies if applicable]".